Various lockdown hacks and escapes — 49 — playing with photos

It really is all the fault of James O’Brien!

James O’Brien is not only a fellow blogger (whom I have also met in real life) and Surry Hills person, he is also on the wireless! Do tune in if you are in range. His blog is responsible for my current addiction to colourising (I am a conservative speller) old photos. The results have pleased many friends and relations on Facebook, so I thought I would share a few today and maybe on Monday and Tuesday. Yes, I have been busy….

And to find out how it’s done, visit James O’Brien’s blog.

That was in May last year, and especially on Facebook I have been indulging ever since. After running the photo through the free Colorize Photo app on I then modify it using a free photo editor, Photoscape, which I have been using for years now.

Here is the latest one, which really pleases me.

Farm, Bass Point Shellharbour NSW — 1946

The original, published by the Facebook group Shellharbour History in Photos, was captioned “1946. A local farmer tending his fields in the paddocks beside the old Blue Metal Works at Bass Point. MLnsw.” I said: “Yes, I was alive when these were taken, and almost certainly in Shellharbour at times — but I turned 3 that July! My Mum and Dad would have known whose farm this is.”

Now, without their originals, a couple more examples:

Crown Street Surry Hills, 1930s
George Street Sydney at the time of Australian Federation, 1901

Finally, in a gloriously politics-free post, some beautiful music: