Various lockdown hacks and escapes — 48 — footy tipping, history and that pianist

Quite a mixed bag today! First, again as has become the way, to quote myself from Facebook yesterday:

Footy tipping would have ended today. I miss you, Illawarra Leagues!

OK, checked the first game — 30 minutes in and going my way so far. HT: Titans 16 Warriors 0. The Titans score again minutes into 2nd half — Warriors are cactus. 22-0. With 20 minutes to go it’s 28-0, so I am claiming this one! And at FT: 44-0. In Game 2 The Bulldogs seem to be determined to win at last! Good on them, but bad for my tipping. Well — 26-0 with 20 minutes left. Good for you, Bulldogs! 38-0.

And this is what happens now:

Meanwhile and completely different — the 2021 NSW Premier’s History Awards have just been announced. These are the winners — and I am not surprised that the big one goes to the wonderful People of the River. See my post of 23 March!

Senior Judge Dr Matthew Allen praised the “imagination, courage and empathy of contemporary historians and the importance of their work”.

And the winners are…

— Australian History Prize‘People of the River: Lost Worlds of Early Australia’ by Grace Karskens.

— General History Prize‘The Wardian Case: How a Simple Box Moved Plants and Changed the World’ by Luke Keogh

— NSW Community and Regional History Prize‘Landscapes of Our Hearts: Reconciling People and Environment’ by Matthew Colloff

–Young People’s History Prize‘Tell Me Why for Young Adults’ by @archieroach

— Digital History Prize (not pictured)‘FREEMAN’ by Laurence Billiet (General Strike and Matchbox Pictures)

Now that pianist. You know the one by now. Perhaps this image will be new:

Handsome young man — almost 20 now. From his favourite pics.

This is one of my favourites from him: