Various lockdown hacks and escapes — 46 — not too cheerful but still good…

God knows what joy Gladys Berejiklian or Brad Hazard, NSW Premier and Health Minister respectively, will bring us at 11am today! Yesterday was another record.

Needless to say all sorts of party political argy-bargy ensues and it is as plain as a pikestaff that some things could have been done better at both state and federal levels. I do not propose to add to that. But I do sympathise with this tweet from Stephanie Dowrick:

Who else finds it unbearable to hear @GladysB – on worst numbers day & with 12 deaths – lecturing “other States” about how they will have to “learn to live with #Covid”? Does she have no comprehension that it was a #NSW #Quarantine breach plus #Fed #VaccineFails that led to this?

I don’t have any doubt at all that infallibility is not part of the DNA of ANY of our politicians or — perhaps even more so — of our keyboard warriors or self-appointed pundits. Nor, such is the nature of things, are the true experts infallible — though they are a hell or a lot more worth noting than said pundits etc.

I had to attend the Wollongong Medical Centre yesterday — face-to-face!

Necessary trip to the medical centre and chemist this morning. The COVID security at the medical centre is much enhanced. You are greeted by a person in full PPI who asks if you have an appointment (I did) and QR code scanned or details taken — the latter in my case as I still have a dumb phone.

A positive note now, however, of a most articulate expert, a virologist in fact (which just might make him relevant!) and an interviewer who is cool, intelligent and really asks the right questions came my way from the US yesterday. This is totally admirable. The interviewer concerned is David Pakman, who impresses me more and more. I said when posting it to my Facebook:

Well worth careful watching. Unlike so many on YouTube or Sky or Fox, this person is qualified to talk about the subject! Information, reliable information, not loud-mouthing from click-baiting opinion mongers! Or drongoes.

Yes, a real honest-to-goodness virologist! How radical of David Pakman to talk to such a person — when he could have asked Alan Jones or Craig Kelly….

Except David is lucky. He has probably never heard of either twerp.

Incidentally, this virologist shoots down the Wuhan Lab Leak meme as a politically motivated distraction — and highly unlikely.

Vincent Racaniello, virology professor at Columbia University and host of the podcast This Week in Virology, joins David to discuss the pandemic, COVID-19, the coronavirus, vaccines, contagion, incubation periods, and much more.

Professor Racaniello contributes to this expert blog, which ranges beyond COVID. Looks like a reliable source.

Our local TV news, WIN, had a really interesting story yesterday too — for once the LNP has done something right! Even Labour Council Secretary Arthur Rorris thinks this is a great idea! And, the Union Movement generally.

A wind farm off the Illawarra coast is a step closer after legislation enabling development was introduced to parliament.

It’s billed as the opportunity of a lifetime for the region, with OceanEx Energy hoping to start the landmark project within six years.

To alter the tone considerably, I happily shared a meme yesterday and many friends endorsed it. Indeed, who are they? And why should we care?