Various lockdown hacks and escapes — 34 — listen to more music…

I knew I had encountered that amazing young violinist Christian Li earlier. And indeed I had, posting about him last year on Facebook with this performance of a Chinese folk tune.

He is amazing, isn’t he? Here he is on his YouTube Channel talking about the Four Seasons album:

And here is another rendition that beautiful Chinese melody, this time by Wang Guowei on the erhu — a lovely instrument! Wang Guowei’s eclectic voice on the erhu expresses a life-long passion for the instrument and its music. With the artistry and skill of a master musician, he interprets a full range of musical genres, be it folk, classical, contemporary, or cross-cultural. Shanghai-born and now residing in the U.S., Wang Guowei is dedicated to advancing the art of erhu music as a musician, composer, and teacher.

This is so beautiful, Wang Guowei’s own composition marrying the erhu and the cello…

And another tack — the power of music (and the right words) to assist with healing, especially in the case of anxiety and panic attacks — of which unfortunately in my life I have had much experience! A friend on Facebook has been upfront about his struggles at the moment in this area.

When in the 80s and 90s I had bad anxiety attacks I had a cassette of 4 exercises by this guy — here is one — and believe it or not they would bring my heart rate down from something like 130 to around 75-80 in 20 minutes! They may or may not work for all, and can’t be used in the car obviously! I also sometimes used one of them when I did all day writing workshops at the Sydney High Rowing Sheds as a setting the mood activity!

There are some among my friends and ex-students who will remember my tape! I was delighted to find them remastered and posted on YouTube — though I do also have copies ripped from my original cassette on my computer! Yes, I still use them at times. There are many similar things, and the techniques are well-known, but I find Emmett Miller’s script and voice and Steven Halpern’s music better than any others I have heard.

That is the one that particularly worked on my heart rate, and also was the one I used in those writing workshops. The word “buttocks” did cause some sniggers from my teenage students — but they really did accept it.
This one I particularly like…