Various lockdown hacks and escapes — 28 — more lunches

Why not? After all, this series is called “hacks and escapes”… This time I trawled this present blog.

And I am taking my own advice from the last post — as you may see from this photo from yesterday morning.

The result: The marinade helped tenderise the meat… There are two meals in this! Carrot, snow peas, onion, a bit of tomato, a touch of ginger, small amounts black pepper and Himalayan rock salt, soy sauce, a dash of oyster sauce. Canola oil.

Now meet the wok! I am fairly sure Michael Xu and I bought it around 1991 from Paddy’s Market, when it was still in Redfern.

Now some lunches at clubs and other venues over recent years…

City Diggers September 2015 — $10 for two courses!
Is that really six years ago? Great Saturday lunch at Stanwell Park.
When the lovely people at the Red Dragon (RIP the best Sichuan ever!) at Steelers did $5 smorgasbord while the reno was happening — and then got shafted!
Goulash at City Diggers: May 2015
Ah, the Red Dragon at Steelers! June 2014
Lamb ribs: Fuku yum! Saturday lunch in The Gong 2016