Various lockdown hacks and escapes — 24 — food glorious food

Yesterday I put in another order at Coles, to be delivered Tuesday morning. I noted on Facebook: Will afterwards be breaking out the wok again after a long absence — the very wok that Michael and I once bought decades ago when Paddy’s Market was still at Redfern! I had lacked the basic sauces…

The wok in 2011

So I thought I would do a search on my photoblog to see what culinary delights I had captured during the period 2008 to early 2013 when that blog was active.

Here (yum!) are some of what I found.

At City Diggers July 2012
Sophia’s wonderful Friday Greek smorgasbord at the Hellenic Club — sadly those days are long gone…
A typical first plate-load — October 2011
My Pantry — North Wollongong Beach July 2011
The lunch roast special — City Diggers July 2011
Pho — Steelers Club August 2011

All that pre-Covid of course. As of Saturday the news on that front in NSW was not good. Lockdown continues.

The situation at the end of the reporting period as released at 11am Saturday.

NSW recorded 319 new locally acquired cases of COVID-19 in the 24 hours to 8pm last night. Of these locally acquired cases, 125 are linked to a known case or cluster – 108 are household contacts and 17 are close contacts – and the source of infection for 194 cases is under investigation.138 were in isolation throughout their infectious period and 32 were in isolation for part of their infectious period. Fifty-one cases were infectious in the community, and the isolation status of 98 cases remains under investigation.