Various lockdown hacks and escapes — 9 — share music that is positive

This came from the song I have just shared with my niece Christine Parkes on Facebook which had this message attached: Love and understanding will take us further than hate and division.

And see the beauty in the diverse cultures of the world and this country, and (in this case) our neighbour New Zealand. It is a short and sweet instrumental piece, an excerpt of the traditional Chinese piece ‘White Snow in Spring’ performed by Wu Man at St Mary of the Angels, Wellington, in 2017. White Snow in Spring first appeared in 1895 (during the Qing dynasty) as a hand-written score in pipa master Li Fangyuan’s New Collection of Thirteen Pipa Scores.

If that leaves you wanting to hear more Chinese music there are many examples on this blog! For example: way back in 2013 I posted Music for the Moon Festival. One piece in that post:


And moving back to music many of my age and background would relate to — a song full of what might appear to be disillusion coming with age, but is at the same time really uplifting. Perhaps just an expression of limitations and humility — but that is a good lesson in my opinion. Looked at life from both sides now. I really don’t know life at all.

Far better than certainty or any kind of fundamentalism. Here we see the mind of an adult in this troubling world.