Various lockdown hacks and escapes — 2

So we here in The Gong and Greater Sydney (including the Blue Mountains) are locked up, pretty much, at least to July 30!

Yesterday on FB — but not verbatim:

And so around 11.30 I rang my friend Colin here in Wollongong. Normally on a Wednesday we would be having a chat at the club.

ME: Been anywhere? I guess not.

COL: Only to the local servo and the bottle shop.

ME: Great minds think alike! I should be at the club right now but for some reason I can’t go…

COL: Yeah, it’s Gladys!

ME: Not just Gladys! I think I will write to the Queen and tell her it has completely stuffed our footy tipping…

COL: Good idea…

And I have to feel for Gladys, really. (That’s our NSW Premier you know.)

The great Bill Bowtell, hero of the fight against the HIV/AIDS pandemic here in Oz in the 80s and 90s, said on Twitter:

@GladysB says it’s unfair to compare “apples and oranges” as between Victorian and NSW response to #COVID19 Trouble is, Covid Delta is the same everywhere and no difference between how to obliterate it in Sydney or Melbourne. Harder measures now will end Sydney lockdown sooner.

On which I wrote: “True, Bill Bowtell. A virus is just a mindless incredibly tiny machine whose one function is to replicate. It has no politics or religion. It doesn’t care which politician it embarrasses…”

And I rang my friend Sirdan in NZ, who had a lovely story to tell, which remains confidential. Was just the sort of thing one needs to hear at times like these. They have a PM over there, of course….

Yesterday for the very first time I went online to do my grocery shop at Coles. I did not have to resort to this in the March lockdown! Again, I told the story first on Facebook: “Took me a little while to work this out, but I have now done the big shop. This is just part of it. It will be left outside my door (I hope!) on Friday morning. Contactless COVID-safe and all that…”

Friday morning coincides pretty much with my supplies running out!

And Facebook also provides some great music, from the last big lockdown. These young kids are so good eh! Just enjoy it!