Lockdown — 2

I didn’t plan to post today, but here is an update.

The club was my social bubble, and I do miss it. This internet (and Facebook) do help.

Illawarra Leagues Club

And though the Great Tipping Competition is in limbo, I still pursue the game:

There are 25 rounds in the competition before semi-finals start. All teams are avoiding NSW for the next month at least.

On ABC News Breakfast just now Dr Norman Swan, whose COVID podcasts and interviews have been a reliable source — he is the father by the way of the Swan who made such a fool of Donald Trump a while back — was not exactly upbeat.

The Morrison government has undoubtedly made a hash of vaccine ordering, choice and roll-out. ScoMo is one of the least inspiring leaders on Earth, unfortunately — even if I don’t and never will indulge in some of the more strident two minute hates he attracts on places like Twitter.

Our State Premier I referred to yesterday. Here someone has used her image to symbolise the lockdown here in Wollongong.

Here is the Wollongong Mall at the moment:

Thanks to the Illawarra Mercury for that one. On my own second dose of Astra Zeneca I posted just now on FB: Sadly, as I reported yesterday, the Wollongong Medical Centre sent an SMS advising that we should not ring to bring our second AZ shot forward as they did not have the capacity at the moment. So for the time being I am still 9th September.

Now two songs. The first one just may be how many of us feel, but at least it is the great (and in his life-time much abused in his own country) Paul Robeson.

The second our own Jimmy Barnes, on FB in the last day or so.