NAIDOC Week 2021 — Healing Country — 4

This set of posts is not about my opinions.

Though in passing isn’t it a typical low act on the part of Hieronymous Blot from Sky In The Basement that he sails into NAIDOC week obsessing as usual on the evils of the ABC and regurgitating his take on Bruce Pascoe, one of his favourite Aunt Sallies?

He ignores, or probably has not understood, how subtle and nuanced the recent assessments of Pascoe’s work have been, how in fact there is an acknowledged core there that survives what we might call Pascoe’s own oversimplifications and wishful thinking.

Pascoe has in fact done us all a service in making us rethink all our previous assumptions about First Nations life in Australia.

I can’t be bothered linking you to Blot’s latest spray. It is worthless anyway.

Instead read Mark McKenna, Bruce Pascoe has welcomed the Dark Emu debate – and so should Australia. For more, see Reading Bruce Pascoe by Tom Griffiths, Emeritus Professor of History at the Australian National University; Book review: Farmers or Hunter-gatherers? The Dark Emu Debate rigorously critiques Bruce Pascoe’s argument by Christine Judith Nicholls, Honorary Senior Lecturer, Australian National University; Friday essay: how our new archaeological research investigates Dark Emu’s idea of Aboriginal ‘agriculture’ and villages by Michael Westaway (Australian Research Council Future Fellow, Archaeology, School of Social Science, The University of Queensland) and Joshua Gorringe (General Manager Mithaka Aboriginal Corporation, Indigenous Knowledge).

OK, as I said. These posts are not about my opinions — or Blot’s. So listen, mark and also enjoy.

The man himself is not a perfect historian. Rather he is a passionate writer and populariser — but what he says here is better than anything Blot has ever said in his tawdry existence.