So here in lockdown June 2021 comes to an end…

A good month for the blog, better than May. I may add details below at the end of the day.

However I thought a peaceful photo post is what we need — particularly of old photos that have come my way via local history and nostalgia groups on Facebook. I have given them a touch of colour.

Lake Illawarra: Looking towards Merrigong (the Illawarra escarpment) or the Saddleback, and what looks like a coming storm. That last detail becomes more apparent with a touch of colour.
This is a scene my father would have recognised from his childhood, having been born in Shellharbour in 1911.
Some nice memories contributed by FB just now. I was rather intrigued by “Mount Keira seen from Gipps and Keira street intersection at Smiths Hill in 1940” so, despite the resolution not being the best, decided to give it a touch of colour. Looks as if Gipps was a dirt road then…
The year my grandfather Roy Hampton Christison began as headmaster at Shellharbour Public School — 1930. In 1935 my mother Jean Christison, and my father, Jeff Whitfield married. In October 1935 my brother Ian was born.

This is the Shellharbour of those years! So rural! So small!
Here is Shellharbour in 1936 when my brother Ian turned 1 year old! Small town, as I said the other day. I can see the Church of England, the school where Grandpa Christison was headmaster, Grandpa Tom Whitfield’s house where Mum, Dad and Ian would also have been living in 1936, and Uncle Ken’s place!

June stats

As at 9pm there were 1,400 views from 509 visitors. That is the second best this year, after March with 1,558 from 671 visitors. The average views per day was 46.