Nine years, Jim Belshaw? How can that be?

On Facebook Jim posted a memory, adding “Is it really nine years?!” This is the memory:

Jim Belshaw — Daceyville — 24 June 2012

It was indeed a lovely day, on which I did two blog posts: Sunday lunch in Daceyville and More pictures of Daceyville.

(L-R) Noric Dilanchian, Clare Belshaw, Neil Whitfield and Dennis Sligar.

Dennis turns out to have been just one year ahead of me as a student at Sydney Boys High in the 1950s and we reminisced ourselves silly.

He was also a Public Servant of note and gets mentioned in Kim Beazley’s autobiography. Noric is of Armenian background and among topics raised by him was the matter of history and perspective. Jim’s daughter Clare is also quite passionate about history, particularly about the Julio-Claudians it appears and has a perhaps not unrelated interest in zombies. I also learned for the first time – though I am sure most of you already knew – about Kickstarter,  a funding platform for creative projects. What a great thing it appears to be!

All that and roast lamb too.

Thanks, Jim.

And not least was Daceyville itself — on which see the two blog entries linked above.