If you thought yesterday’s post revived ancient history…

Then how about the fact I was blogging away in July 2000. Why babies born that month are now reaching their majorities! I failed to mention this though…

Sunday July 16, 2000

Welcome to Jason who reads these pages from the USA.

July 14 was, of course, French National Day. But also someone had something on then: what was it? Oh yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY (again).

Friday night I took back some poems to J***s at the Albury and we had a really good talk about his marriage, his life, the impact of religion in his life, and many other matters. We were joined by Ian Smith. I noticed a hole appearing in the back of my jeans and as I investigated with my finger, the hole suddenly assumed alarming proportions. Now before I go on I should say that I normally wear jocks or boxers, but sometimes (never at work or if expecting company) I “hang loose”–partly for comfort, partly to save washing! This night I was hanging loose and soon felt cool night air on my gluteus maximus. Fortunately my sweater could be pulled down. Well, I left the “sacred site” around 9.30 to 10.00 after 4 beers, but though I had had 3 hours to consume them, I hadn’t eaten yet, so I was a little tipsy. I crossed Oxford Street and ran almost straight into a student (aged about 16) from the school where I work. He greeted me and started telling me about Woodie Allen: I was rather conscious of my (invisible) bare-arsed state and my tipsiness. I did not of course refer to the former, but the latter was apparent, so I asked if he was in the habit of accosting half-pissed teachers in Oxford Street. Being a good-humoured young man, he just smiled and said “Not really!!” Not my first such encounter over the years in Oxford Street I must say.

So I then had a meal (at last) and came home. Last night was very quiet, aside from some rather dark talk here at one point. Downloaded ICQ after first Ian Smith and then my young friend had pointed out its advantages.

On ICQ I am Ninglun Wu only, not the Anglophone version my parents gave me.

FotoSketcher - 16042_232492893548533_882882010_n
The Albury Hotel

Thursday July 13, 2000

This Thursday ten years ago is when I first met X. While I was away from my seat at the Albury Hotel that night he came and sat on it. Thus we met, and the rest is history as they say. Thinking about some of the funny times we’ve had. Like him telling me a certain Mandarin expression meant “darling” when in fact it was something very rude and uncomplimentary. Like in the first year we were living together and his English was not of the best: we were sharing with another couple, Philip and Michael, at that time. Philip had prepared a nice dinner, and my friend said “Sorry. Not hungry. Have big lunch and steam bum.” No, he was referring to a yumcha he had been to, not an encounter in a steam bath–or the size of his….

No, it’s really been a good ten years for me.

Saturday July 1, 2000

Here in Australia we begin the Goods and Services Tax (our Prime Minister’s Big Mission In Life) today: so some goes up, some goes down. Curious: the Australiannewspaper this morning cost 5 cents more than the Herald: why? Reading William Dalrymple’s The Age of Kali. Anyway, that gets July started: yumcha tomorrow. Also solved by trial and error, cutting and pasting, a big HTML edit problem on this page.

Monday July 3, 2000

What a delightful day Sunday was. A good crowd at Yum Cha: PK, Ian Smith, a straight young couple who were really nice, Clive, J***s aka Miss L***, X (a surprise that, as he had come in late from work the night before), and Rabbit. Afterwards Rabbit and I went to the Chinese Garden where he was dressed by Su Wei in an imperial Chinese outfit in purple–he looked splendid. Then Rabbit (in some fear and trembling) visited some of the “sacred sites”: Ian was there along with Sirdan, James, PK, and much good conversation ensued. I feel many of his fears were moderated by the experience. And I had a wonderful day.

Chinese Garden Sydney — dress-ups

A day to treasure, though, for me.

And for Rabbit, I’m happy to say.

Wednesday July 5, 2000

Went to Chinatown yesterday and got the pictures from the Chinese Gardens from Su Wei: freebies–thanks Su Wei πŸ™‚ If I only had a scanner you would see something really beautiful. Today Rabbit is diversifying his social options–I had told him not to make dogmatic assumptions about himself. No details of course, but anything that contributes to his happiness and confidence is fine by me. It’s a real privilege that he has turned to me as much as he has, and I suspect we will remain friends no matter what. Meantime I’ve washed my best jeans, pink socks etc for Friday…

Saturday July 8, 2000


Rabbit, who has featured a lot here recently, called in yesterday afternoon. With the last entry being particularly relevant, he now has a girl-friend and they are really getting on well. I had the most delightful afternoon with him as his life seems on the up now, and that is so pleasing to me–and even more to him. It’s great that he has someone more appropriate age-wise to confide in, and that he is not afraid to consider many possibilities for himself. It was lovely also that he decided I was still huggable, at least yesterday. He is one of the sweetest people in my life at the moment and I really wish him well. Don’t want to hold him back in any way: I am sure our friendship will evolve in the best possible way.

…Mind you in 25 years Rabbit will be visiting me in the Sunset Home–or putting flowers on me!

Birthdays, you see: make you morbid at my age!

The prophecy about what would happen in 25 years has not yet been fulfilled…

Monday July 10, 2000

Well, the birthday was a low-key affair. Had a few phone calls, including one from an uncle* who keeps in touch with me. My flatmate basically slept through the whole thing–mind you he has been working very hard.

Had some good fun on Talk City Chat though: Lifestyles–Gay if you are interested, and one visit to the Gay Pride Chat where I tangled with a bigot, being cheered on by the three other people present! It was probably 3 am on the States at the time. Chatted with a 21-year old in Chennai, India last night.

*Uncle Roy Christison in Sutherland. Rang every birthday.

So my blog (or diary) was much more personal perhaps back in 2000! It had very few readers too, I’d say, but most in my circle followed it!