We speak of things that matter…

Cheating really, because this post is REALLY about footy tipping! In 2021 City Diggers, thanks to the takeover by the Wollongong Golf Club, no longer had a tipping competition, but my current club of choice, Collegians/Illawarra Leagues, did. There are 136 tipsters spread over all six Collegians venues

Round 15 2021 began with South Sydney Rabbitohs annihilating Brisbane Broncos 46-0. I got that one right, so seven games to go. I should mention that so far this year by best has been 7 out of 8 correct, and that only once.

I posted on this important topic in April, I see. That was Round 6, and will serve to show my typical form.

Yes, a matter of random coin-tossing really…

But consider this past round, the glorious Round Fifteen!

Will I be the only tipster in Collegians to get 100%? Last round no-one did! So let us see — I will know on Wednesday when the tips are published at Illawarrra Leagues. Or maybe not. There is a gap caused by the second State of Origin game next Sunday, so Round 16 is in the first week of July.