The joy of Calibre….

So I am sitting in Collegians/Illawarra Leagues after a lovely $7.90 meal of chicken schnitzel, salad and chips, reading my library book — and tomorrow’s blog post becomes obvious to me. Today’s blog post, I suppose, though I am writing it yesterday, if you know what I mean….

Ah, Gleebooks! What memories!

Again, so fascinating….

Both videos have closed captions available.

You have to realise that tales of the Hunter and the LIverpool Plains beyond were the stuff of my mother’s reminiscences — a series beginning there — and of her father’s young days. Thus they were part of my imaginative world too, but the Australian history I learned at school really taught me nothing about the area.

And of my great-grandfather John Hampton Christison too, about whom my cousin Ray has so ably written.

So I come upon an interesting footnote in Mark Dunn’s book, concerning an Aboriginal guide named Harry Brown. The reference is the the Journal of Aboriginal History 39 2015. Sure — that is in my Calibre Library, I say to myself, one of the 2,767. And, sure enough:

There it is!

Great, eh! Next time I will introduce you to three more recent e-Books.