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From my mothballed photoblog — and avoiding unpleasant phonies with their fascist imagery….

Now in the 2000s I returned just a few times to The Shire, first with Mr Rabbit, then (sadly) for a couple of funerals, and more happily to Cronulla High School for their 50th anniversary. I will begin with that, and the 1960s. I lived in Cronulla 1961-2, then 1964-7, including part of 1967 in South Caringbah, then in Woolooware 1968-start of 1970. After that came Wollongong….

Just now this aerial shot of Cronulla has appeared on a Sutherland Shire History & Memories Facebook group. You can if you like imagine me in the spring, summer or autumn lying on that beach, sometimes reading books needed for university, or later on perhaps relaxing in school holidays when teaching in Cronulla. I know I sometimes got monumentally sunburned!

And here is a colourised photo taken at Wollongong High by Marilyn, one of my students, around 1968.

Me in my 20s! Oh my God! I revisited Cronulla High in 2011, and here I am with a staff member.


And in deepest Cronulla, just opposite Cronulla Station.


I did make a video of that day in Cronulla, partly to share with my brother in Tasmania.

A YouTuber called ramdarook has recently published Cronulla scenes from 1973. Very evocative for me — so enjoy: