COVID takes me back to that old school again

Or next door at least.

Sydney Girls High School will be closed for cleaning on Monday. It follows a student testing positive to COVID-19.  A spokesperson for the Department of Education said the school was working closely with NSW Health to establish close contacts.

“All staff and students are asked to self-isolate while contact tracing occurs,” the spokesperson said.

They are close. I am keeping an eye on developments.

Sydney High Schools, Moore Park

Sydney Boys High and Sydney Girls High Schools at Moore Park.

Some wag from the OBU has posted on Facebook — and yes, you do have to have been there to get it perhaps.

Screenshot (348)

I have been lately posting a lot about the old place — my being an Old Boy and former staff member. But it really is down to YouTube whose algorithm keeps delivering fresh goodies, and then to Facebook where several generations of ex-students and staff members hang out, sometimes getting into the comment sections.

One relevant example is Facebook — more Sydney High chats and memories. There I posted from the school magazine (The Record) for 2017 this extract:

Screenshot (186)

This is a degree of acceptance that I hoped for but did not necessarily expect when in the early 2000s as a member of the school Welfare Committee (kudos, Jenni May) I put this on my then school website:

Screenshot (349)

So let’s look more closely at that class of 2017. Fortunately they have spoken for themselves — first a meeting where 2017 prefects address the class of 2018.

Then at their farewell. (I have been to a few of those.)