Selected August 2010 pics

Went back a decade in my photoblog to find I was in transition at that time. But first a note on this blog: Sydney High has been good for July’s stats. The big hit a few months back came from my colourised family photo posts.

Screenshot (335)

Where I am from September 2010



First morning in West Wollongong

The view from my window at 6.30 am.



Last Sunday in August

Sirdan is on the train headed for Perth, so no Sunday lunch today. Instead I travelle td up to Sydney, went to South Sydney Uniting Church, then to Elizabeth Street to collect more stuff, and now back to Wollongong.

The move will be completed when Sirdan returns.

Meantime, just around the corner here in Wollongong:


A view I saw every working day when I was the same age as Mr Rabbit. More on that later.