YouTube rolls back the years to the Albury Hotel in its glory days

Oh yes, I have blogged before about this place. Remember when it closed?

Is it that long ago?

31 Oct 2007

The Empress has sent an edict:

Lest We Forget

31 October 2001


Yum Cha this morning was myself, The Empress, Clive, James, and eventually M, absolutely exhausted and needing the food. It was a good Yum Cha (The Emperor’s Garden service was friendly and excellent). After that M went home to sleep — he starts again tonight at 6 pm, and I went with James and The Empress to the Albury — yes, I was there this Sunday — where we surprised the bar staff by eating barbecued quail that Ian had purchased, and added a Chinese tonic to our beer (it said it could be used in beer) which caused the beer to look like some Jekyll-and-Hyde potion, but actually improved the taste!  — March 4 2001

It is also where M and I first met in July 1990. Is it that long since it closed?

See also the images at mais où est l’Albury d’antan?

Last night I confessed on Facebook:

Instead of watching what I intended on ABC2 I have found myself deep in memories thanks to Bruce Part’s photos of The Albury Hotel. This is a rendition of one of those photos.

And someone comments on Bruce’s album:

Such an beautiful original old pub destroyed! I was saddened when I finally moved to Syd and it was gone. I met a lovely guy there on my first visit around 1996 and didn’t leave empty handed….a big deal for a country boy!!!

“Such an beautiful original old pub destroyed!” indeed. I hope Bruce finds a few more to share in that “boot box full of photo memories.”

I have cropped a couple and given them the art makeover treatment.

FotoSketcher - 16042_232492893548533_882882010_n

There are more images there.

Last night on Facebook I posted these musical discoveries I had just found on YouTube. Of the first I said: “Time warp time! Sylvana in the Piano Bar of the Albury Hotel in 1986! I certainly knew the place, and I certainly heard Sylvana. She was good!

“Among other memories — sitting one night at the piano next to the famous former South Australian Premier Don Dunstan. Told him it was a shame all the good politicians were retired or dead….”

And here was another: “And more from the Albury Piano Bar back last century! You see the piano in this one. I and my friends would often sit right at the piano! You will also note the background chatter — well, this is a live performance on possibly a crowded bar. Another reason to sit close to the piano….”

And that wasn’t all I found. Jan Preston used to play at the Britannia Hotel in Chippendale — when? 1987? Gary Croft was running the joint then and he liked his jazz. I recall embarrassing myself once (or am I dreaming?) singing “House of the Rising Sun” to Jan’s accompaniment. She was a great personality as well as a brilliant musician.

Sometime around then I lent them a cassette deck when theirs had broken. For as long as they were using it I got free drinks! They used it for a good while.

See Hour-long phone call takes me back to Chippendale 1985.