I’ve won, I’ve won! So that means a music post…

Books and gumbo did well for this blog yesterday! However, back to music because, you see, I won! At City Diggers that is. And a picture puzzle about Beatles songs during the lockdown. Thus:

Screenshot (294)

That means free meals! So I reckon I should honour the Beatles without whose songs this could not have happened.

Seriously — not that sharing that song wasn’t! — I have encountered so many great things via YouTube recently, and shared with my friends and relations on Facebook. There are certainly worse ways to spend time.

Take this one, a tune more or less familiar to me, but the background story was less so — and well worth catching up on.

Johnny Clegg with Savuka.  I really should have known!

Johnny Clegg, who has died of cancer aged 66 [July 2014], was a white singer-songwriter who became a national hero in South Africa by using music to defy the apartheid-era segregation laws. He challenged the authorities by forming mixed-race bands, performing to both black and white audiences, and mixing Zulu influences into songs that brought him international success. Known as the “white Zulu” or umlungu omnyama (“the black white person”), he spoke fluent Zulu and was an energetic and skilful exponent of Zulu dance.

He was best known for the poignant, stirring 1987 anthem Asimbonanga (We have not seen him), a tribute to Nelson Mandela, who was then still in jail, and to other key figures of the anti-apartheid struggle. Twelve years later, soon after he stepped down as president, Mandela joined Clegg on stage in Frankfurt as he was performing the song, in one of the most emotional scenes in political pop history….

Now for something completely different!  Joe Cocker at Woodstock in 1969 — while I was safely in The Shire. The video is flagged age-restricted on YouTube, presumably because of a few shots of, well, Woodstock! And speaking of the Beatles!

Finally, back to something from the year of my birth. This is said to be the greatest dance routine ever filmed — even including Singing in the Rain.  The star dancers are the Nicholas Brothers, and the music Cab Calloway.