Blogging the 2010s — 118 — December 2014

I recycled some photoposts — and now is as good a time as any to do so again!

The past twelve months – 16 – October 2014 photoposts

I recycled some favourites in the 30 October post This time in 2012 – can’t believe how time has gone!

Wollongong Harbour

There was quite a bit of wind in October: see this from my window, taken on 27 October:

And here I am in Mount Keira Road on 3 October. This also reflects one of the highlights of the month:

From 6 October I began a series with Revisiting Redfern/Waterloo – archivally — 1: “It has been a while since I was in the area in fact, so given yesterday I thought a peep back through some of my many photoblog archives would be in order.” Of course in December I did visit in reality. The last in this series was posted on 8 October. Here is one of the many images I recycled.

Redfern back lane on February 23, 2009

The new Wollongong Central Keira Street West building opened at last:

Finally, a touch of summer on 25 October:

Mount Keira Road with Flame Tree. Compare October 15, 2013.

Haven’t been to the Hellenic Club for ages, and the Red Dragon is no more, alas!


I do need to get out and about when I can, and particularly to resist being locked into some aspects of the daily life here at The Bates Motel, since sitting around all day talking about cats or whatever isn’t my idea of heaven. Don’t get me wrong. The Bates Motel is fine for most purposes: my room is comfortable and the view to die for:


But one does need a variety of conversation with people who are more or less normal – that and good food every few days take me in Wollongong to the clubs, of which there are many. I belong now to two – City Diggers and Steelers. I used also to belong to – and really liked – the Hellenic Club, but I am still recovering from the banishment of Sophia and the $8-10 roast, and the pasta:

Lunch at the Hellenic Club 2012

Steelers this year has become a regular weekly event, mainly with Chris T but at times with DS, Mel, DR, and others. The great attraction is the Red Dragon restaurant with its fantastic Chinese Szechuan dishes – no longer alas at two for the price of one, but still reasonable. And there have been some great conversations over those meals.

The club I most go to is City Diggers. Lately I have found a group of regulars with whom I can always find companionship and a chat. None of them was ever a teacher. (Chris T at Steelers was for a while, but has also been a forester and is currently a chef.)  They range from retired builder – as was my father and is my brother – to another chef to retired biochemist to former Lord Mayor. And occasionally retired wharf labourer and trade union activist…