Blogging the 2010s — 107 — November 2013

In the present: planning today to 1) pay my electricity bill — very modest it is! and 2) visit City Diggers!

Appropriate fare, perhaps — the day after the Great Rudd announced his necessary exit

On that, briefly: did some great things, such as the Apology. Was at times a barrel of laughs, at others a total wanker/bastard. Shame about the Gillard/Rudd thing – and I do believe she has proven more gracious really. But these are just impressions. This Herald/Age item is not too bad: The Labor messiah who could not save himself. He really had to go.

Maybe then it was fitting that with three friends I had a great Chinese meal yesterday at Illawarra Steelers:

Red Dragon Chinese Restaurant…..home of the 2 for 1 lunch!

Red Dragon Chinese restaurant offers a range of quick, freshly prepared Chinese meals. Guests will find dishes such as Whole Salt & Pepper Fish, Seafood Laksa and Black Bean Chili Chicken Hot Pot along with favourites including Sweet & Sour Pork, Mongolian Beef and Honey Chicken.

In addition to these, Red Dragon also boasts a range of traditional Chinese dishes not found in other Asian restaurants. Red Dragon also provides a range of Western dishes in addition to its Chinese menu. These, along with the Chinese dishes are sure to appease all of our guests!…

Should I tell them “appease” may not be quite the right word? The food though – great, especially if you choose wisely.

Afterwards I went to the Illawarra Brewery to sample the Apocalypso, as  I had promised myself last time I was there. It really is very good.


View from The Illawarra Brewery

Alas the Red Dragon is now but a memory!

Recycled pics–3–Chinese Garden

In November 2008 I had a series Best of 2008. Here are three more.

Roof line with clouds: Sydney Chinese Garden

Chinese Garden: waterfall – October 2008. The link takes you to the whole set in its original context.

Reflections: Sydney Chinese Garden

November comes to an end…

I have even started on compiling my annual Christmas DVD, hoping to make it better and more interesting than previous years. Of course much of it is pictures and videos from the year to date, and I really have a few pics I am proud of.

Here are three.