Plenty of fish and chips left for us!

To think, it’s only a few months ago that I was celebrating sights like this here at City Diggers in Wollongong — squillions of Chinese tourists experiencing our $12 fish and chip special! O tempora, o mores! No longer do they come…


Today’s Sydney Morning Herald included a supplement from the China Daily, which today bears quite a similarity to our own press! And one hopes indeed the upbeat news is true.


Officials in Iran meanwhile tell us one person is dying there every ten minutes. And then there is Italy:

A total of 427 deaths were registered in Italy over the past 24 hours, bringing the nationwide tally to 3,405. By comparison, 3,245 people have died in China since the virus first emerged in the city of Wuhan late last year.

However, Italy has far fewer confirmed cases — 41,035 as of Thursday against 80,907 in China. Italy’s outbreak did not come to light until it was first reported in the north of the country on February 21.

So my reading becomes more and more poignant.

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