Wollongong stars on SBS last night

Did you see Ainsley’s Australian Market Menu on SBS? See Eight reasons to eat your way around Wollongong.


That’s “Linda Galea, a first generation Australian with Maltese heritage, has been a stallholder selling vegetables from her family farm at the Wollongong markets for up to 15 years.”

Then there’s Louie Kelbert’s honey.

The Warilla man’s passion for bees arose from his first sting at the age of eight when he was throwing rocks at a swarm, and the bees turned and attacked. For his ninth birthday his parents presented him with his first hive, which he still uses today.

“See they thought I was a strange kid because I never played with toys … always had the interest for beehives and bees,” Mr Kelbert said. “I saw photographs in books and TV documentaries and I thought, ‘wow, I would love to do that’.” 

He now keeps 3.5 million bees in 46 hives in a field … neighbouring the Illawarra Golf Range and a reserve that is rich with flowering bee-friendly plants, such as tea tree, swamp mahogany, banksia and bitou bush.

Every morning he arrives to inspect the hives and spends the day in the field with his swarms of Caucasian, Carniolan and Italian bees, all sub-species of the Western honey bee. 

And here am I this morning with my jar, though mine came courtesy of a TIGS ex-student from the 1970s, Doug Parrish, who often minds the stall.


Over the last nine years I have often posted images of our wonderful Friday markets, for example here and here.