Last few days — feeling French

But first, noted this on Facebook: “Lovely to get a call from old mate Sirdan in NZ in response to my last blog post! He responded particularly to: ‘November 23, 2003 Yes, the Rugby World Cup, won deservedly by England in a last-minute field goal. Sirdan, Malcolm, Kevin and I watched it at Sirdan’s place and found ourselves thoroughly enjoying it; the Empress was also there but tended to fall asleep a bit.

‘I’ll tell you what, Sirdan knows a thing or two about lamb. All those years in New Zealand, I suppose. The New Zealand lamb leg he baked last night was, we all agreed, probably the best lamb we have ever had, real melt-in-the-mouth stuff. The 1999 McLaren Vale Shiraz didn’t go too badly either.’ ”

Good when someone reads and responds! Now to yesterday.  Here at City Diggers there was this show:

The new theatrical show, created in Australia, is being performed in the Illawarra for the first time. The show is based on the music and lives of influential late French performers Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour.

French-born Corinne Andrew will perform the role of Piaf for the show’s first appearance in the Illawarra.

The role of Aznavour will be sung by Sydney-based entertainer Milko Foucault-Larche, who also wrote and directed the show. Foucault-Larche, who was born in Mauritius, is a keen ambassador for French popular music in Australia.

On Corinne Andrew: “Corinne Andrew Is one of Australia’s leading multilingual vocalists who studied dancing and singing in Paris, Corinne started her professional career as the principal singer and dancer in music spectaculars throughout most of Europe’s major venues including: Folies Bergeres, Palais Des Congres, Monaco and Paradise Latin. Corrine was also engaged as the starring act in French cabaret performances throughout the Far East and South East Asia…”

My cousin Helen Langridge, fluent in French, and her husband Jim kindly treated me. We also had lunch together before the show, which was very good.


Coincidentally my grandnephew David Parkes and his sister Lauren have been on an amazing and very extensive trip through Europe, not something we Shire people did all that much in the era when Piaf was around Paris. They have both posted fantastic pictures on Facebook, and this one appeared this morning. That’s Lauren: