So endearing: Poster Boy



Those posters are by Peter Drew, an Australian artist (b. 1983).  Last month BlackInc Books published his autobiography Poster Boy.  Fortunately for me Wollongong Library acquired it on 13 August.  So quick!

The publisher’s blurb:

45420509._SY475_Peter Drew’s posters are a familiar sight across Australia – his ‘Real Australians Say Welcome’ and ‘Aussie’ campaigns took on lives of their own, attaining cult status and starting conversations all over the country. But who made them, and why?

In this irresistible and unexpected memoir, Peter Drew searches for the answers to these questions. He traces the links between his creative and personal lives, and discovers surprising parallels between Australia’s dark, unacknowledged past and the unspoken conflict at the core of his own family.

Packed full of Peter Drew’s memorable images, Poster Boy is an intelligent, funny and brutally honest dive into the stew of individual, family and national identity. It’s about politics and art, and why we need them both. And it’s about making a mark.

I really have found the book irresistible!  The personality that comes through is so attractive. And so honest, as another reader on Goodreads has noted.

Honest as fukk and raw as ya mama’s favourite blue steak. Some real good quotes about the way the world be for real for real. Well done Peter Drew, whoever the hell you are, two first names do not unmaketh the man after all, thanks for writing this – I got a lot out of it.

There is an Epilogue “Ten Rules for Great Propaganda”.  With this blog in mind, not to mention Facebook and Twitter, I rather relate to, and will more consciously practise, this one:

Irritate Both Extremes

Try to pull your audience towards the centre by irritating people at both extremes of an issue. Unless you’re being attacked by the extremists on both sides, you’re doing something wrong.

As Molly Meldrum would say, “Do yourself a favour…”