Seasonal hazard turns deadly

It’s September, and here in The Gong we know what that means, as I noted in September 2013. Go there for some videos too.

…it has been happening much longer down the east coast of Oz, not least in The Gong. I had wondered about the numbers of cyclists I have seen lately with antennae. Is this the latest in tinfoil hats, I wondered? Election season could lead to an increase in wearing such protection.


No. Rather the guy on the left in the next image is the villain responsible.


But this year it really has turned deadly: see Swooping magpie kills man at Woonona and Cyclist dies while fleeing swooping magpie in Woonona.

A man has died while trying to avoid a swooping magpie in a park near Wollongong which has a history of attacks.

The 76-year-old was riding his bicycle in Woonona yesterday morning when the bird started to swoop so he rode off the path in an effort to escape.

He then collided with a fence post, was thrown to the ground and suffered serious head injuries.

Locals performed CPR on him until an ambulance arrived, before he was airlifted to St George Hospital in a critical condition.

Despite medical efforts he died last night…