A welcome innovation from the ABC

Suits me especially: ABC Radio has released its broadcasts to the digital bands so that they can be heard on digital TV. For me that means a much better reception of Radio National, the old 2BL Sydney, Classic FM and more at the touch of a button that turns my TV into a radio receiver. So with my remote I can switch from TV to radio when, for example, a string of commercials on a free-to-air TV channel are really annoying me. I tested that out last night on the semi-final of Australia’s Got Talent (Channel 7), moving between that and Radio National. Worked a treat.

During the day yesterday I heard a fascinating podcast on RN: Episode 1 of “Snowball”, a tale of a Kiwi family who were victims of an amazing scam centred on a mystery woman from the USA, or Armenia, via London and Paris. Very well told through interviews with family members and others, the show was a reminder of how good oral story-telling still can be. I’ll be looking out for later episodes.

In 2006, Kiwi expat Greg Wards was living it up on his big OE in London. One night he went to a house party and met an American woman.

And this meeting changed his life, and his family’s lives, forever.

Greg’s brother Ollie is a producer for the ABC’s Triple J radio station, but he’s created a brand-new podcast series called Snowball, telling the sordid, mysterious, salacious story.

Meanwhile, how about the Ashes! No, I didn’t sit up and watch it all. One test at The Oval to go, but Australia has won the series now.


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  1. The broadcast of Snowball was actually on ABC Radio Sydney, not RN. I know this because it’s part of Editor’s Choice which I present on Saturdays and produce on Sundays. And yes, having these channels on TV is awesome!

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