Didn’t clinch the story of my grandma…

You can find quite a few posts on Indigenous Austalians here, some of them dealing with a probable (in my case) family connection and in the case of my brother’s descendants a certain one.  The critical point in my story is knowing for sure who was the father of my grandmother Henrietta. I have renewed a search for that information in the past few days, but to no avail.

You will find among other posts this from 2011: Family history and mystery–the Indigenous connection. And this is said grandmother, whom I never met:


Henrietta Bursill (Whitfield) 1874-1931

Someone rather well known read that post, I think, and emailed me just now.

Wallangang Eorah Muttong Yagunah.

Hello Neil want to know about my Ancestor I can show a male to male line back to
Pemulwuy & his father Bediagal, Tedbury whom was later recorded as Timbere a black Joe a term used  by white people along with young Bundle they were the chiefs of the tribe.

Glen Timbery-Timbrey-Timbere-Tedbury<

His family is indeed well-known. He is quoted in a Choice article on real/fake Aboriginal art.