What a perceptive person that UK ambassador is!

Sorry, I just can’t let this go through to the keeper. What a twerp Donald Trump really is, that self-styled “stable genius”! I allude of course to the Hans Andersen tale, as did this cartoonist a while back:bs-ed-op-0724-horsey-emperor-20180723

Here are the tweets we have all seen, unfortunately.

Screenshot (295)

And here, courtesy of my Facebook friend Trevor Khan who shared this, is a comment:


Oh my, the world is in such good hands, eh!

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2 thoughts on “What a perceptive person that UK ambassador is!

  1. What a pathetic article you linked to. What is this fascination with Nazis and Hitler, that everything must be compared with that degenerate state? Nazis put people in gas chambers, retrieved their gold fillings, then disposed of them in ovens. Where is the comparison you applaud?

    Does the poor woman not realise that the “turning of the backs” is the exact equivalent of what Trump himself has railed against in the NFL, and lately the women’s football World Cup? Respect for the office, the traditions? – she appears very confused.

    And but of course you would gleefully point to the British Ambassador’s leaked opinions. Anything which diminishes that which you despise. What a tiny, irrational, world you inhabit.

  2. You may care to read more from that confused woman, who is in fact one of Australia’s better writers. Her piece written for the Jesuits was hardly substantial, I admit, which is why I just noted it rather than quoting it. I do think, Hitler aside, that Nigel Farage is one of the world’s greatest arseholes though and personally responsible for much of the mess Britain, and poor Theresa May (who I rather admire) has been left with. While I also believe Sir Kim Darroch’s assessment of Donald Trump will be seen as quite accurate by future historians, I was not writing or even trying to write a thorough analysis — in fact, I was just a tad tongue-in-cheek, as the last bit of the post should show. (That last picture came to me on Facebook via a friend who just happens to be a National Party politician!) Perhaps detecting tone is not your strongest point, KVD!

    I am rather intrigued about how and why this leak happened — as is Jack Hawke on ABC. It may have escaped your notice too, but I have not mentioned Trump for quite some time. That I did so now is really down to Hans Christian Andersen as much as anything else. I just couldn’t help thinking of Darroch as the little boy in that famous tale.

    Yes. Trump has had some successes, and loudly proclaims them day after day, though not always with much respect for truth, and yes I happen to think he is the worst person to be President of the USA in my lifetime. So welcome to my tiny, irrational world! I am sure Donald Trump is such a total example of balance and rationality! So masterful in his tweets! Finally, do check out details of Sir Kim Darroch’s career — even Wikipedia will be a start. He is hardly a fool, is he?

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