Voting soon — probably on Saturday

If I vote on Saturday I could get a democracy sausage! The queue at our local polling place is not usually too long, so that’s probably what I will do.

At City Diggers right now, contemplating voting!

I am seriously thinking of voting all choices for the Senate. In NSW that is for 105 candidates, but by voting above the line you need only number 36 boxes (minimum 6). Now my reason for wanting to number 36 is that there are certain groups I want to put last, or close to last. United Australia will be down that end, as I have hardly ever been so annoyed as I have been by the big-spending Clive Palmer and his series of total brain farts that are about as coherent as the random mutterings of drunks in a bar. He says whatever he thinks will get noticed! Come to think of it, the drunks may be better…

I also want to put the lovely Rod Bower really close to the top, after which I will place a major party. No prizes for guessing which one — but I have to say it won’t be the Greens, though they won’t be far down my list.

Meanwhile, there are some very dodgy minor parties. This article is helpful. Samples:

Australian People’s party

A self-described “centrist” party favouring populist economic policies. It says it wants to reduce the cost of living and immigration levels….

Health Australia party

Love Australia or Leave

Rightwing nationalist party calling for an end to the “Islamisation of Australia”, withdrawal from the UN and “the right to bear arms”….

Rise Up Australia party

A far-right and Christian party whose founder, the Pentecostal minister Danny Nalliah, has been a speaker at events organised by the anti-Islamist group Reclaim Australia. The party wants to limit Muslim immigration and also opposes same-sex marriage….