And my footy tipping went well…

Yes, only one wrong and I got the margin score correct! So well placed so far…

I also predicted the NSW Election correctly. I honestly don’t mind Gladys. Here in The Gong Labor won hands down: 70+% two-party preferred. And in first choices look who no-one supported!

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Tonight’s must-watch: Waleed Aly interviewing Jacinda Ardern on The Project, Channel 10/WIN.

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Waleed’s interview/confrontation with Scott Morrison was broadcast ad-free in prime time last Thursday night — most unusual.  And unusual it was! Scott Morrison scored some, but also, I think, showed his critical weaknesses. I propose to watch it all again and may then comment further, but meanwhile I commend young Michael Koziol’s analysis. (He is I gather a twenty-something.)

Sincerity can be a real struggle for Morrison, partly because of his marketing background, and partly because of his own choices as Prime Minister that have sacrificed substance for political expediency (moving the embassy to Jerusalem, anyone?). So if he faces a credibility gap on this issue, perhaps he only has himself – and his party – to blame….

One thought on “And my footy tipping went well…

  1. I reckon Michael Koziol may be (just) in his early thirties by now. (Basis of guess: He is a friend of the daughter of an old friend and was at her thirtieth birthday which I went to a year or so ago.)

    I’m a bit shocked by your statement that you don’t mind Gladys. The issue is not G personally (though her behaviour at that Newcastle press conference in the company of Andrew Constance reveals that she may not be as nice as she manages to appear most of the time in public, and you have to remember that EVERY liberal – even “moderate” -basically hates unions and “the workers” – inverted commas to refer to their economic position rather than their personalities) but what her government has done and will continue to do. The infrastructure expenditure is funded by the massive flog off of state resources started by Baird (not that Labor hasn’t had recourse to some of that in its time) including the privatisation of the Land Titles Office as only the relatively most recent instance. And many of the projects are questionable and involve crony-istic profits to be made by the private “partners” – not just now but long into the future. The environmental record is appalling on so many fronts – the one which maddens me most is the “brumbies” decision in the face of all scientific advice about the KNP but that is just typical of many others and far from the one with the most serious and wideranging ill effects.

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