Talking about 1979

That’s forty — FORTY — years ago! Can you believe it? Pink Floyd “The Wall”, USSR invading Afghanistan on Christmas Eve, the Shah flees Iran, a war between China and Vietnam…. See more.

Now I was living in Church Street, Wollongong — had been since late 1978, though resuming my job at Wollongong High in 1979 after a period of commuting between Wollongong and Sydney University. The unit block I lived in is still there — that door at the back downstairs was then — until the end of 1980 — my front door.

8 church street

Screenshot (221)

So I plan to share a few things about that year of 1979 — some good, some ugly. I have alluded to that time before: Leonie Kramer slept here at “The Bates Motel”. And Wollongong looked like this, on a good day: that’s North Beach, not far at all from my Church Street flat.


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  1. I looked back at your earlier Bates Hotel post featuring EGW and LK pictured with interlocked arms – picture via Honi Soit. The gent in the background is Sir Bruce Williams. Honi writers probably didn’t know.

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