Interesting by-election in Sydney

I predicted around four weeks ago on Facebook that Dr Kerryn Phelps would win the Wentworth by-election, and repeated that on the Friday before the vote. Well, despite some doubts arising on Sunday, it’s now looking most likely: “The independent has reached what looks to be an unassailable lead, sending the government into minority. ”


The booth-by-booth result is interesting to me, having lived in or near the Wentworth electorate for quite a few years to 2010.

Looks to me that Scott Morrison running the Jerusalem embassy move up the flagpole on Tuesday 16 October had little effect one way or another on the electorate in Wentworth. There are indeed quite a few Jewish voters there, but the majority of really observant Jews among then would have pre-polled, as the vote fell on the Sabbath! So if the Liberals were angling for their votes, they wasted their time last Tuesday.

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