Good news story — sequel

So many bad things happening right now…. So I return, as many have, to that inspiring story out of Thailand.


See Thai cave rescue: Australian divers and officers who helped free stranded soccer team receive bravery awards.

Here are all of those honoured:

  • Richard Harris (Star of Courage, OAM) [above]
  • Craig Challen (Star of Courage, OAM) [above]
  • Justin John Bateman (Bravery Medal, OAM)
  • Kelly Craig Boers (Bravery Medal, OAM)
  • Benjamin Walter Cox (Bravery Medal, OAM)
  • Troy Matthew Eather (Bravery Medal, OAM)
  • Matthew Peter Fitzgerald (Bravery Medal, OAM)
  • Robert Michael James (Bravery Medal, OAM)
  • Christopher John Markcrow (Bravery Medal, OAM)

2 thoughts on “Good news story — sequel

  1. It would be high-time for the news to start carrying the Good news like this that goes on in the world. The media has gotten out of control.

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