Yes, I watched it! And with much pleasure…

While not necessarily endorsing all the theological framework underpinning it, I could but rejoice at the breath of fresh air — and demonstration of the power of speech — that was “US Episcopal church [bishop], Michael Curry, a campaigner for LGBT rights and racial justice.” See Astonishment as dose of civil rights puts seal on a radical wedding.

“Imagine governments and nations when love is the way. Imagine business and commerce when love is the way.” In wry self-deprecation, he made the congregation giggle by assuring them he was almost done. “With this I will sit down,” he joked, “we gotta get y’all married.” He then went on to recall French Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, “one of the great minds and spirits of the 20th century”, in a fiery conclusion urging that “ if human beings ever harness the energies of love, then for the second time in history, we will have discovered fire.”

[Archbishop of Canterbury] Welby urged his followers on Twitter to watch the 13 minute sermon in full, describing it as “extraordinary and powerful”.

See also fellow-blogger “Happy Antipodean”: Cross-cultural threads embellish the royal wedding and Annabel Crabb: Royal wedding: Reverend Bishop Michael Curry upstages Meghan Markle with impassioned sermon.


…there was one woman who looked entirely comfortable, nodding along contentedly to the words of the visiting bishop.

And it was the woman who otherwise had the most reason to feel ill at ease — the woman who only two days earlier had flown from California to London to meet the Queen, say hello to her only daughter, then head to a castle built one millennium ago by William the Conqueror to see that daughter marry a prince in front of a global television audience of 20 million or so.

Doria Ragland — whose own ancestors were slaves, and who was unaccompanied at the ceremony, quietly wiping tears from her cheeks as she watched her daughter — was quite at ease with the soaring rhetoric, and didn’t seem to notice the bubble of nervous hysteria building among the congregation.

Loved that gospel choir version of Stand By Me too!


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