Looking back at 2017 — 5

Not many posts on this blog in May 2017, because of:

Family history project finished!

For the past month I have been compiling a series of posts, mainly from 2015 but with quite a few interpolations, tracing aspects of the journeys of my Whitfield ancestors from Ireland and my Christison ancestors from Scotland. You can begin simply by going to Neil’s Family Specials and Memory Hole and scrolling down for as long as you like!

Sydney was a tad different c.1815:

C 359 Joseph Lycett's painting of Natives and the North Shore of Sydney Harbour, courtesy of Mitchell Library.lightbox



Back again: last photo of my brother

See also Ian Jeffrey Whitfield 3/10/1935 – 5/4/2017.

My nephew Warren posted these on Facebook.

Ian and Warren, Devonport October 2016


Ian did National Service in 1954, the year of the Royal Visit. I think he is fourth from the right, third row down from the back. But I could be wrong…


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