The search for the perfect burger

A while ago the Illawarra Mercury published Wollongong’s best burger joints – as voted by you. Yesterday Chris T and I road-tested one of them: Dagwood Bar and Kitchen. A very good burger.


But also well worth visiting for the bar offerings and the rest of the menu.

Chris T and I do however find the Bush’s Plate burgers even better. And cheaper.


I might also add that last week I tried a burger from the Illawarra Leagues Club: House made beef patty, baby cos, onion rings, melted cheddar, garlic aioli and truss tomato relish on a house made milk bun. Served with a side of hand cut chips. Highly commended. Here is another item from their menu:


Bangers and mash. Must try that one day. On Friday I had a really tasty fish chowder there. This is similar:


Finally, the good news is that Fuku has reopened at last, in Corrimal Street in the new building that has arisen from the old Oxford Hotel site. The internet doesn’t seem to have caught on to the new venue yet, or its name change to Fujiyama. Chris T and I plan to check it out next weekend.


6 thoughts on “The search for the perfect burger

  1. My favorite way to transform any piece of beef is with Everglades Seasoning. My brother-in-law grilled some burgers with it one day and I’ve been addicted ever since.

  2. That first picture at the top: you’d need a dislocatable jaw – like a python – to get your mouth around that. The plate’s too small to put some of the filling (or top bun) aside, So how actually do you approach the consumption of same, Neil? (“dislocatable” is wrong, but can’t think of the correct word at the moment 🙂

  3. If you had to use a knife and fork then the ‘dish’ you had was not a ‘hamburger’ – which was, is, and always will be, be a hand held food. I’m sure it tasted great – but it’s just laughable to call it a ‘burger’. And don’t get me started on that bangers and mash photo. Whoever heard of destroying a ‘banger’ by cooking it split in half?

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