More on the 2016 Oz Census

Do note that there is more to come from the Bureau of Statistics later this year and that the full data is not yet up on their site. However, we have learned a lot so far.  In 2016 there were  23,401,892 Australians, so I guess we can round that to 24 million now.

About half of Australians were born overseas, or had at least one parent born overseas.

About one million Australians were born in China or India — and these two countries are the biggest sources of migration to Australia.

Top five countries of birth (other than Australia)

  • England
  • New Zealand
  • China
  • India
  • Philippines

These top five countries account for about half of the migrants coming to Australia.

England and New Zealand are still the most popular countries of birth, but there’s no real growth in migrants from these two countries.

English is still the main language for three quarters of Australians, but there are 301 other different languages spoken in homes across the country.

When I last posted on this I focused on religion. There is an interesting but not very surprising further analysis  on that in today’s Sun-Herald. Inner-city Sydney turns out to be the “least godly” part of the city.


And more general but more local: a presentation for Wollongong.


Note that the entire state of Tasmania has just 519,050  people and the Northern Territory  a mere 245,048 people.