February 2017 summary

But first a replay:

Signs of autumn

017march 004

Leaves are beginning to turn… It is generally exotics rather than native trees that do this in Australia.

The most viewed posts in February 2017 have been:

Home page / Archives  795 views in February 2017
Restoration Australia: Keera Vale  134
Friday Australian poem: #NS4 – A B Paterson “The Old Australian Ways”  24
Friday Australian poem: #NS6 – Mary Gilmore “Old Botany Bay”  21
What was I up to in October last year? 20
All my posts  20
Some things watched lately  20
Tangible link to the convict ship “Isabella” and the immigrant ship “Thames”  20
HSC syllabus gets overhaul  15
On keeping one’s head  14
Family history–some news on the Whitfield front  14
Body language, cross-cultural communication, Trump etc…  13
Tom Thumb Lagoon  13
Just a side-note on recent events  12
So this is what I was up to today…  12
Random Friday memory: 1 – John Mystery, my brother, Illawong  12

The blog has averaged 60 hits a day in February, up from 51 in January.