The local news battle

Today’s post is a marked contrast to yesterday’s, being about a very local issue, albeit one that affects many other regions on our side of Australia. It concerns our local TV news service — or services.

In September 2015 I posted: Wollongong’s WIN News justifies its existence.

I have become a regular WIN News watcher. Their Wollongong-produced local news is a very good service. Mind you, The Gong is where Canberra, the Riverina and the Central West news services also originate. All the bulletins are, I am told, put together at WIN’s Wollongong studio between 4.30 and 7.00 pm. The blend is usually seamless though one does notice that a story purporting to be local to Wollongong has actually been made in Canberra, say, or Orange or Wagga….

Last night though our local WIN really scored…

At that time WIN News was hosted on the Channel 9 network. In 2016 came this development:

Bruce Gordon’s WIN Corporation has signed a five-year affiliate agreement to broadcast Ten Network’s programming in its regional areas.

The deal, as foreshadowed by Fairfax Media, sees Ten become WIN’s primary affiliate partner and will pick up a number of extra markets where Southern Cross either does not broadcast or has existing partnerships.

So WIN News moved to Channel 10 and from 7pm to 6pm.


This week Channel 9 has fought back with its own local news at 6.


I watched it last night and was impressed. It cleverly blends a good coverage of local issues with national and international news. Sorry, WIN, but I suspect I will be continuing with 9 but turning off at 6.30 to watch the REAL news on SBS.

On the other hand WIN claims victory in the first night of the news battle with Nine Illawarra News.

WIN TV is claiming a first-night win in the Battle of the Bulletins, with more than double the average audience of rival Nine Illawarra News.

However the local news service only finished an average 154 viewers ahead of Prime’s 7 news broadcast.

The WIN and Nine Illawarra News broadcasts went head-to-head at 6pm on Monday night.

The WIN half-hour news bulletin is largely made up of Illawarra news while the Nine news offering is an hour and also covers state and national news.