Melting in The Gong, but great Saturday lunch

Yes, records just keep tumbling. Mind you, yesterday wasn’t quite as hot here in Wollongong as it was in much of NSW. We managed to stay under 40C. But the humidity! I really am melting, especially at night. On the other hand my nephew Warren rang on Thursday from near Lightning Ridge, where he now lives. In the shade there it was 46, and in his shed 53!


And for The Gong, this look back at the times Wollongong resembled a scene from a blockbuster doomsday movie.

Chris T and I returned to Wollongong’s best halal Lebanese restaurant on Saturday. Great food, lovely people. Last time we were there was in January: Extreme contrast, and yesterday at Samaras again.


Meal mates: Samaras Restaurant owner Omar Nemer and community leader Grahame Gould are promoting tolerance through eating.

Among his supporters is community leader Grahame Gould, who is urging other Illawarra residents, business people and prominent figures to show zero tolerance for racism by attending an #illeatwithyou lunch at Samaras on Wednesday.

“I want to stop racist boycotts in their tracks; I want to show zero tolerance for that attitude within the community,” Mr Gould said. “It’s about fairness to individuals and giving people a fair go, which is a core Australian ideology.

“The Illawarra is becoming a region that has great diversity and … that is an important part of us having a great life, a vibrant community and a successful future.”

Mar 2015