Trump-Bannon again: sorry!

I wish I didn’t have to, but this is pretty outrageous by any standards. Have you seen the list?


See White House releases list of 78 attacks after Donald Trump accuses media of ‘under reporting’ terrorist incidents, Donald Trump: Five Australian incidents in White House list of under-reported ‘terrorist attacks’, US President Donald Trump is standing by his claims that the media failed to cover or adequately cover 78 terror attacks – including five in Australia.

The White House has sent journalists a list of terror attacks it believes did not receive adequate attention from Western media — including five incidents in Australia, one of which was determined to be a murder case.

It follows President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claim on Monday that news outlets were intentionally not covering terrorist attacks in the West.

“All over Europe it’s happening. It’s gotten to a point where it’s not even being reported,” Mr Trump said at Central Command headquarters in Florida.

“And in many cases the very, very dishonest press doesn’t want to report it.

“They have their reasons, and you understand that.”…

Among this list are five incidents in Australia, including the tragic stabbing of Mia Ayliffe-Chung at a Townsville hostel in August 2016, which Queensland Police specifically determined to be a murder case rather than a terrorist attack.

Other Australian incidents listed in the White House document are:

The list also includes major attacks in San Bernardino, Orlando, Paris, London and Brussels, which separately dominated global headlines for weeks in their aftermath.

AP could not verify that each of the incidents had connections to the Islamic State group. The list appeared to be hastily assembled, and included several misspellings of the word “attacker”.

Under-reported? Well, take that Lindt Cafe siege. We watched it live-streaming on Channel 7 at City Diggers. I remember it very well. See my post Sydney siege.


It isn’t often Sydney heads the Morning Brief from the US site Foreign Policy.

Top news: Much of central Sydney, Australia is on lockdown after an armed man entered a café and took up to 40 people inside hostage. The gunman carried a black flag with white Arabic writing that may have resembled the flag of the Islamic State jihadist group. Prime Minister Tony Abbott said, “We don’t know if this is politically motivated.” The gunman has asked for a phone call with Abbott.

Five people have escaped the café so far but the siege shows no signs of ending. Sydney police are preparing for a long siege, saying they will keep the city’s center on lockdown for “as long as it takes” in order to break the siege and return the hostages safely. Muslim groups in Australia have condemned the hostage taking  and some Australians have taken to social media to speak out against a fear of hate crimes directed at Muslims.

The siege is now over….

We watched events unfold from a distance here in Wollongong. At the City Diggers Club the screens that last week were devoted to the Adelaide Test carried Channel Seven’s coverage. And as is I guess inevitable rumours and facts came and went as streaming coverage tends to do. For example: Was there an incident at the Opera House? (No.) Were there arrests in Lakemba? (No.) How many people were in the cafe? (17 in the end.) It was bad, no doubt about it, the whole thing, but it does seem in the light of next day – and tragically three people dead, including the gunman – that this was the work of a lone nut job.

Proportionality is vital. Just think Port Arthur 1996 — no Muslims involved — 35 people were killed and 23 wounded. And I couldn’t help thinking also of the Battle of Broken Hill in 1915, partly I suppose because it has been discussed a bit lately….

And see Some thoughts on the Parramatta tragedy on Curtis Cheng, who by the way worked for the police but was not a police officer as the White House list states. See also Class of 95 remembered, and Muslim students today.  And in January this year I posted:

How I wish more notice had been taken by such people of things like Son of Curtis Cheng saddened to see father’s name used in defacing of immigration posters.

The son of slain police employee Curtis Cheng is still grieving his dad’s death, while having to challenge those who would use it to justify bigotry…

“RIP, Curtis Cheng was Aussie”, they read, some with a white cross spray-painted over the face and head of early migrant Monga Khan.

On others, the words “real Australians say no” and “no PC” were smeared over portraits of others who travelled from overseas to make Australia their home.

It is a confused message — an anti-immigration outburst cum tribute to a murdered immigrant.

The irony has not been lost on Alpha Cheng, the son of the man fatally shot by 15-year-old Farhad Jabar outside Sydney’s Parramatta police station in October last year.

“We came to Australia to be part of the society, my parents wanted me to get a good education,” he said of his family’s migration from Hong Kong.

“To see [my dad’s name] as sort of a symbol of trying to exclude a certain group that looks a certain way from identifying as Australian, it’s really sad.”

Alpha Cheng’s Open Letter to Pauline Hanson is a must read.

Finally, a juicy story from the UK IndependentDonald Trump ‘didn’t realise he promoted Steve Bannon to National Security Council when he signed order’


President Trump-Bannon

Update 9.45 pm

First The madness of Donald Trump’s attack on the media.

….Or as you might, or might not say – horse feathers, hogwash, piffle, flapdoodle, baloney, hooey, hokum, blarney, twaddle, poppycock, applesauce, tommyrot or bushwa. Or, if you’re among friends, you might just say: “What a load of crap.”

..The “media not reporting terror” riff came into this news cycle circuitously and bizarrely – in defending Trump’s migration crackdown a few days earlier, his White House counsellor Kellyanne Conway invoked as justification the “Bowling Green” massacre, which she claimed the media had failed to report – of course, the only reason the media had failed to report it was because it had never happened.

There are several schools of thought on what Trump is up to – none necessarily mutually exclusive of the others…

But he’s just a journalist after all. Much more moving is Donald Trump, you’re wrong: my father’s murder wasn’t the tragedy the world missed.

What is the White House inferring when it is accusing the media of under-reporting? That the media did not exaggerate and include “alternative facts” to create hate and fear in the community? That the media did not immediately point fingers? That the media had the decency to focus on the messages of the families and people that are most affected by these incidents? ..

Reactionary and punitive responses in the  name of national security are over-reported. We do not give nearly enough attention to preventative approaches.

It is clear that the US President gives limited regard to the victims and survivors of these incidents. It is clear that he will use any loose facts and stories to justify an anti-immigration, anti-Muslim and anti-humanity agenda.

This is what we should all call out at every opportunity.

Alpha Cheng is the son of Curtis Cheng, who was murdered in 2015.