So, February again!

And January 2017 was the hottest calendar month ever recorded in Sydney! Lovely pic from


Now for the fortunes of this blog in January. Visits are up: January averaged 51 per day compared with 37 in December 2016.  When you look at the most visited posts in January you can see one in particular explains that gain.

  1. Home page / Archives 743 visits in January 2017
    2. My 1947: Shellharbour 179
    3. Baby HP may be moribund, but there is hope… 23
    4. The landslide that wasn’t, plus more on Baby HP 22
    5. Bicentenary of Dharawal massacre in Appin area 19
    6. All my posts 17
    7. Tangible link to the convict ship “Isabella” and the immigrant ship “Thames” 17
    8. What a treasury of family history! 14
    9. L’état, c’est Donald 13
    10. Body language, cross-cultural communication, Trump etc… 13
    11. Bad news on computer 13
    12. Tom Thumb Lagoon 12
    13. About 12
    14. Sic transit: Lee from the Albury; TIGS ex-student 12
    15. My 1977: Alexandra Road, Glebe 12

Still using Wollongong Library computers, by the way. HP Junior should arrive soon. I am not entirely looking forward to the setup process though…