Ochlocracy triumphs but Vegemite comes home!

Great word, isn’t it? Thanks to James Traub on Foreign Policy.

I don’t find it at all impossible to foresee a moment in which criticism carries a price that cannot be reasonably reckoned in advance. Once people have stopped believing in the sanctity of opinion, once they have been convinced that some vast and vague category, like “elites,” holds views not merely wrong but traitorous.

Trump, like his idol Vladimir Putin, will need only a glancing comment to mark an enemy to be hounded. Breitbart News can do the hard work of weaving a tweet into a narrative of betrayal. And if something terrible happens? That won’t be President Trump’s fault, of course, or Breitbart’s. Then courage really will come at a price, and we may yearn for the days when you could live your whole life without knowing if you were a coward.

Do I think this will happen? No, I don’t. I think Trump will fail on one front after another, steadily drop in the polls, lose his ability to dictate congressional action with a tweet, and go into a monumental sulk. Or rather, that’s what I hope will happen. But if this election has taught me anything, it’s not to trust my hopes.

See also Trump Promises ‘America First’ in Defiant and Divisive Inaugural Speech, also on Foreign Policy. And from our ABC: Donald Trump inaugurated as 45th President of the United States;  President Donald Trump’s inaugural address in full. Particularly interesting, I thought, is Mary Lloyd, US election: Donald Trump’s journey a tale of wealth, hard work and controversy. As you might anticipate, I thoroughly agree with Waleed Aly, Voting Should Be Mandatory. Thanks to my cousin Ray Christison for drawing attention to that one on Facebook.

But the big news really is that Vegemite is coming home!


Making Australia great again!

Vegemite is set to return to Australian ownership after dairy company Bega announced it would buy most of Mondelez International’s Australia and New Zealand grocery and cheese business.

Bega, in a note to the Australian Stock Exchange on Thursday morning, said it would use bank debt to fund the $460 million acquisition….

“Everybody loves cheese and Vegemite and I think that Bega Cheese and Vegemite are just a natural fit,” Bega executive chairman Barry Irvin said.