Extreme contrast, and yesterday at Samaras again

Take New York City a week ago: Eastern United States digs out from big snowstorm, braces for cold.


A woman walks through Central Park with a red umbrella during a snow storm in New York City, U.S. January 7, 2017.

Meanwhile in Wollongong NSW:


As I noted on Facebook yesterday: 30C here in West Wollongong at 6 this morning! See Sydney weather: Heatwave breaks another hottest night record.

No, you did not imagine it — Friday night was ridiculously hot — because it was the hottest Sydney night in January since city weather records began.

Hottest nights are measured by the lowest temperature reached during the night.

On Friday night, the temperature in the city got to its lowest point at a sweaty 26.4 degrees Celsius at about 11:00pm, the Bureau of Meteorology [BOM] said.

Then it just got hotter, climbing to 31C by 1:00am.

“[Friday night] was actually the warmest January night the city has ever recorded, and records for the city station go back to 1858 so there’s quite a while of records there,” BOM duty forecaster Rebecca Kamitakahara said.

This may seem a little like groundhog day if you are a weather watcher, you may remember that just last month Sydney recorded its highest ever overnight minimum for December.

But before you complain too much, eastern city-siders, think about your wilting buddies out at Penrith in the far west.

At midnight, it was still around 36C in Penrith, and it took until 4:00am for the gauge to get below 30C.

Cooler this morning though: 21C. But there is more heat to come. Here’s how Friday night to Saturday morning looked in Sydney according to the Bureau of Meteorology:


Though this is from Brisbane it sums up a lot:


Yesterday Chris T and I resumed our Saturday lunching, this time at Samaras. Ideal food for the conditions. Hard to believe too that we last visited Samaras in October 2016! Seeing that we had the same dishes, with one exception, the entry Munching halal and Japanese bikers again! pretty much covers it. Except there were no Japanese bikers this time. Our fellow-customers were mostly “Aussie”, which is good to see because it means there are people out there  unfazed by the “patriotic” hysteria whipped up by Bernardi, The Revenant (and even worse people/groups) over halal certification.


We had the meat-lover’s platter again. And za’atar. Took a cauliflower dish instead of olives as a side this time though.