My 1957: Kirrawee, Gymea, Grays Point

I have posted before on this year when I turned 14: 1957 or MCMLVII.


Avery Avenue, Kirrawee, where I lived 1956 through 1958, behind the tree on the left. And yes, we were close to transport. That’s the Cronulla line on the right. It took about an hour and a quarter to get to SBHS from here.

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Our part of Kirrawee was still showing traces of a semi-rural past, and nearby were the Royal National Park and other patches of bushland. In 1957-8 especially I would often explore the area either alone or with friends from Sydney Boys High. One walk I particularly liked was down to Grays Point, partly along the road, partly through the bush.

Screenshot - 5_01_2017 , 7_57_00 AM

Things one saw along the way:

8013688 The now heritage listed natural stone bridge over Dents Creek


Gymea Lilies


Around Grays Point

Among my picture sources: Discover Gymea Bay,