Yum Cha October 1 2000 and tomorrow

I noted way back then:

Sunday, September 24 2000: Ninglun goes to an Olympic Event

11.00 am: Just back from shopping and then watching the Women’s Marathon from Anzac Parade near Sydney High School. At that point an Australian was in the front bunch, about tenth; the Japanese were doing well and were well supported. As one might expect Kenya and Ethiopia were well in evidence. Eleven helicopters buzzing overhead made it easy to see when the race was approaching. They are so tiny, these Marathon runners!

Following the numbers of visitors who read this site last time I here announce that the Dowager Empress of Hong Kong requests your attendance at the next Royal Yum Cha at the Silver Spring Restaurant at 10 am next Sunday, October 1.

Sunday October 1 2000

Well, what a Yum Cha! Frankly, I was not feeling well this morning, but Yum Cha soon changed that. A record attendance on this last day of the Olympic Games. Seventeen people–so I won’t list them all, but one Indonesian Olympic visitor, the regulars (PK, James, Ian Smith, Sirdan, Bruce, Clive) plus Simon H (a friend and ex-student of mine, whose friendship now goes back over 20 years), Tim K (a person I met about 14 years ago) whose personal odyssey is fascinating, and most pleasing of all Mr R and Delenio. A lovely way to spend Sunday morning.

The day went on and I went with the flow. After Simon, The Rabbit and Delenio had gone, I followed Ian to the Beauchamp and then the Albury–the Marathon went past us hardly noticed!–and it was a slightly drunken afternoon but one essentially of good fellowship.


That restaurant, Silver Spring, is now Zilver. Chris T and I plan to join M and Max there tomorrow.

What I couldn’t establish from my archives was whether that 1 October 2000 Yum Cha was the one where the crab went walkabout. I suspect it was. I recall Mr R was wearing open-toed sandals at the time and was a touch put out by the large crab that had temporarily avoided the wok and came scurrying across the floor towards us. Staff soon returned it to the kitchen.