Illawarra kiddies brainwashed! Telegraph reveals all…



And here’s where it’s happening!

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See Good Schools Guide and for that image Japanese Delegation Visits. You wouldn’t read about it, would you, except that the fearless and feral Terror is onto all such scams and abuses… You can follow their track record on Loon Pond, if you care to.


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And today’s shock horror kiddies being BRAINWASHED by LABOR HEADMASTER —


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Note the cool objectivity of the Telegraph’s language. “Bleeding heart politics” BAD!

And at Christmas too! The horror, the horror! Oh hang on…. “No room in the inn…” Hmmm.

Classroom brainwashing:

verb (Collins Dictionary)


(transitive) to effect a radical change in the ideas and beliefs of (a person), esp by methods based on isolation, sleeplessness, hunger, extreme discomfort, pain, and the alternation of kindness and cruelty

Of course the word is more loosely applied to phenomena like advertising, or the repetitious nature of Daily Telegraph front pages.

On the case of Chris Connor’s school I let you make up your own minds. I suspect there are contextual issues we are not necessarily being told about. (He did have a rather famous grandfather, whom I once met.) And I wonder if I was “brainwashing” back at Cronulla High back in 1966. And in many another venue in the forty years thereafter.

At some stage, probably more than once, I would have taught some Year Seven class or other what had become a standby item:


Yes, The Silver Sword. Have you read it, perhaps in Year Seven? Its scenes, though barely 20 years on, seemed in a rather distant past. Alas for this world fifty years on from when I first engaged with this text. You know what I mean.



The Murdoch paywall prevented my reading the details of the central story here. Later I did read it for free at City Diggers. I would now say that the exercise described there is not one I would have chosen for Year 3 students, but at the same time the associated Telegraph flummery remains over-egged and tendentious.

Compare The Illawarra Mercury on the same story.

The Department of Education has launched an investigation after a year 3 class at Helensburgh Public School petitioned against child refugees being held in detention.

The classroom-produced nature of the document has angered some parents, who say their children should be focusing on the basics rather than being taught to be political activists.

The letter, from Class 3L, was reportedly printed underneath the school’s details and signed “Friends of Children in Detention”.

Handwritten student messages, such as “Don’t put them in jail”, and drawings accompanied the letter, which was sent to politicians…

Despite causing angst among many people, others were supportive of the school’s intention.

“My daughter is in year 3 and I’d be totally for her having a voice for such a cause”, Ros Canales said, while Nathan Milthorpe wrote: “Teaching kids to have a social conscience can’t be a bad thing?”…

The Mercury contacted the Mr Connor and the school for comment. 

In a statement posted to the school’s Facebook page on Friday afternoon, Mr Connor reiterated “schools are neutral grounds for rational discourse and objective study. They are not arenas for promoting political views or ideologies”. 

“I would also like to advise parents that support has been provided to students, staff and parents as appropriate, including additional counselling,” he said.

“The school has continued to operate as usual.”

Related: Refugee Council of Australia Schools Program.

I was amused reading the Tele’s coverage of the NSW HSC results to find the work experience kids must have been doing the headlines and graphics, as in large type the top performing school in NSW transformed to James Rouse Agricultural High. It is of course James Ruse, named after the pioneering convict farmer. You’d hope Tele subeditors would know that.

What next? Captain James Chook? Robert Gordon Maggot? Cough Whitlam?