What I saw in December 2009

Photoblog recycle from Monthly Archives.

Christmas Day South Sydney Uniting Church

Posted on December 26, 2009 by Neil

Distinguished guests outside the church before the service.

The Dalai Lama is in town

Posted on December 2, 2009 by Neil

Which may explain this sighting in Belmore Park yesterday.


See Dalai Lama Encouraged by Upcoming UN Climate Change Summit.

Eddy Avenue, Central Station

Posted on December 3, 2009 by Neil


Not (I hope) a creepy stalker pic

Posted on December 5, 2009 by Neil

I avoid celebrity shots, but I found this one taken through my window the other day speaks volumes about the character of the famous Australian theatre director in the centre of the frame, so I though I’d share it.


December theme: waiting – a four pic post

Posted on December 7, 2009 by Neil

I was caught in the act yesterday. (Thanks, James O’Brien. Love your Little Young Street shots.)


Surry Hills Village shopping mall


Cleveland Street bus stop



Morning walker: Crown Street

Posted on December 17, 2009 by Neil